Machine Sewing Pointe Shoes

You’d think combining 2 things one loves is an easy thing.

But people are funny about sewing pointe shoes. Ballet is a traditionalist art form, people hold on to the way “things are done” and there isn’t a lot of room for changing. Especially when it comes to pointe shoes. So it never occurred to me that I could sew my pointe shoes on the machine.

Partially, this is because a lot of people (myself included) are taught to sew through only the lining of the shoe, not through the satin. But last year, I got into Gaynor Minden and not only are they a special shoe in every possible way, but the lining is also fused with the satin so when you sew, you do have to go through the satin. And so I was looking at my shoes and thinking, you know what? I can do this on the machine in 2 minutes.

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A Story about Adult Ballet

I could write a long post about why I don’t blog. About my lack of discipline to actually write, about why I feel certain ways about my writing and well, the point is, I’m not actually going to do it.

One of my New Year Resolutions was to blog and it’s June. But a friend at work said maybe I should just do it and truly pretend no one is reading, do it just for me and for the things I want to keep for myself. So anyway here we are.

In ballet, everyone has a story. Ballet is one of those things you don’t just do, it’s not at all like going to the gym or to zumba class. It gets into you, it becomes an intrinsic part of who you are and that’s why we all have stories. Mine begins when I was 16.

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Peppermint Bark Recipe


So, it’s been a gloomy few days.

I had a demoralizing week towards the end of October and then the election came in and blew us all away… suffice it to say I wasn’t in the best of moods and so, my most efficient emotional outlet is always to cook or bake, and so we arrive at the Holiday season: with peppermint bark.


I am a moderate fan of peppermint bark but I do consider it quite beautiful and appropriate for the holiday. I’m not the biggest fan of working with chocolate though, so I’ve never made it before. Since I was desperate for some of the emotional relief of baking I went ahead and made it anyway lol so the good thing is, if anyone reads this you might learn from my mistakes!

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My septoplasty experience – Part 2

Part 1 is here. Some of this may get a little TMI because I wanna share it all, especially for anyone googling about it as I was before.

My doctor explained that my nose had been swollen probably for all of my adult life. That in straightening my septum, it would probably look different, so I took this picture just in case.


So, the night before my surgery, I did a face mask, removed my nail polish and freaked out. I couldn’t really sleep, I was anxious, worried. I don’t even remember what I tried to do or how I spent my night, but I fell asleep at about 4 am and woke up 2 hours later. My surgery was scheduled for 7:30 on Friday and I had to show up at the hospital at 6:30.

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My Walt Disney World Haul – September 2016

I’ve recently returned from another fun Disney World trip and I wanted to dissect my WDW haul. Mostly for my own sake, but also because some of these things are gorgeous items that deserve more attention (especially the Dooney purses).  I may also do some other Disney World posts, maybe talk about MNSSHP or some dining reviews but we’ll see how that goes.


From left to right,

  • Dooney & Bourke: Star Wars TFA, Disney Princess, Castle Mickey & Minnie
  • Alex and Ani: EPCOT
  • Minnie’s Kitchen Sprinkles
  • Three Caballeros Shirt
  • Starbucks Tumbler used as an autograph collector
  • Main Street Caramel Popcorn

Now let’s talk about some of these…

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My septoplasty experience – Part 1

This story kinda begins when I was like 8 or 9.

My cousins and I were playing a dumb game, I fell on my face and my nose bled a lot. The only part I honestly remember about this is falling, my sister only remembers the blood lol but you know, it stopped and my mom (like most parents back in the 80’s) thought “Aw, she’ll be fine!” and we all moved on. A lot of people have a deviated septum, with or without falling on their faces as kids.

On the other hand, I’ve always had respiratory allergies. I had asthma as a kid, and my whole family has nasal allergies (or what is really called allergic rhinitis). And over the years I learned to manage them and to live my life sort of okay. I went from one medication to another, not always having the best of time but doing fine. Looking back, I also figure that when you’re a young kid, nothing holds you back. I did 8 hours of dance every day when I had to and didn’t blink. I settled on Allegra when I was about 18, I think. It relieved my symptoms like no other medication and it was covered by my insurance so my life kinda changed.

About 3 years ago though, I made a decision to stop taking allergy medication. Essentially because I was living my life on Allegra daily and sometimes twice a day and I wanted to cut back on that much medication. I was approaching 30 and I wanted to learn to manage my allergies in a different way. Also Allegra stopped being covered by insurance and truth is that when you make your own money you think about it differently lol. So I did cut way back, I stopped taking it daily, I started to manage the things that I knew triggered my allergies better and ultimately, this turned out to be a good idea because my allergies started bothering me less frequently and I started needing way, way less medication.

Now, what didn’t improve however, was my breathing.

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The story of a Hanson stan. Or, how your favs rob you of good music for years

I’m about to go the fuck in y’all. So settle in.

I’ll preface this by saying that I don’t believe you can be a stan if you can’t criticise your favs. In fact, a stan is the most qualified one to call out their fav because you put your love and cash into your fav, sometimes for years. So you truly deserve the best.

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Now it’s the time to seize the day

I was writing a great post about how the last 4 years have led me to the day I had today (meaning yesterday cause it’s 2 am). It was beautiful, I talked about having an open heart and a full mind and doing everything sincerely because at some point things do pay off! And even if you undertake overwhelming and exhausting new challenges, doing them sincerely leads you to greatness. And that even if the time ahead is hard and all absorbing, that lbr, this is what I always want. And then this dumb tumblr app for iPhone CRASHED while I innocently searched for a Donna Paulsen gif for my post which y’all now have to imagine! Gdi Tumblr, I need to host elsewhere ugh DONE!


On the subject of makeup

This is an upfront confession: I am obsessed with makeup.


Sometimes I think that it’s because I grew up as an art kid, because I loved painting and watercolors and pencils. Art supplies gave me life, I would drool at the prospect of obtaining a new brush or a new set of paint, or – god help me! – new colors!

And I’ve figured that that is exactly what I get out of make up as a grown up. I drool at new brushes, at discovering new brands or products and – bless my heart – new colors! A new eyeshadow palette or a new lipstick makes my knees go weak.

The only difference is that now I put the colors on my face as opposed to those art projects my mom would go get framed and I wear it around as opposed to hanging it on my walls.

I understand women who feel like it’s too much work, too much money, too hard to maintain, too troublesome. It is all of those things, but I enjoy them all and that’s what makes all the difference for me.

But the thing is also, to me it’s so much about the ritual. Those 30-35 minutes I spend on myself every day before I set off, they are so peaceful, so quiet and enjoyable. I spend that time just with myself, I tune out all the outside and just play a ritual of painting.  It’s like a countdown to my day, and once I’m done I (put on my highlighter and) can get my day started.

We all have our rituals, I guess.

First blog post

“Together with (Sheryl) Sandberg, we need to redefine the idea of “leaning in”. The key is not pushing harder. The key is being attentive, objective and focused on opportunities that emerge in life and work. It is about knowing your passions, being bold and taking calculated risks. And above all, it’s about not letting yourself be guided by pressure and fear.”

Leah Belsky and Michal Tsur for The Guardian: “Why Sheryl Sandberg’s call to ‘lean in’ is about working smarter, not harder”