On the subject of makeup

This is an upfront confession: I am obsessed with makeup.


Sometimes I think that it’s because I grew up as an art kid, because I loved painting and watercolors and pencils. Art supplies gave me life, I would drool at the prospect of obtaining a new brush or a new set of paint, or – god help me! – new colors!

And I’ve figured that that is exactly what I get out of make up as a grown up. I drool at new brushes, at discovering new brands or products and – bless my heart – new colors! A new eyeshadow palette or a new lipstick makes my knees go weak.

The only difference is that now I put the colors on my face as opposed to those art projects my mom would go get framed and I wear it around as opposed to hanging it on my walls.

I understand women who feel like it’s too much work, too much money, too hard to maintain, too troublesome. It is all of those things, but I enjoy them all and that’s what makes all the difference for me.

But the thing is also, to me it’s so much about the ritual. Those 30-35 minutes I spend on myself every day before I set off, they are so peaceful, so quiet and enjoyable. I spend that time just with myself, I tune out all the outside and just play a ritual of painting.  It’s like a countdown to my day, and once I’m done I (put on my highlighter and) can get my day started.

We all have our rituals, I guess.

2 thoughts on “On the subject of makeup

  1. contemplatingstyle says:

    My feelings exactly! I was also always excited about new art supplies as a kid, and even now, even though I’m faaaar from an artist and only do an occasional sketch every once in a while, I still get excited about new pencils etc.
    And I’ve also developped love for makeup, in the same meaning of art. It’s me time, not an obligation, and there are days I skip it. But when I do it, it’s because I enjoy it as a form of self expression and art. 🙂

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