My Walt Disney World Haul – September 2016

I’ve recently returned from another fun Disney World trip and I wanted to dissect my WDW haul. Mostly for my own sake, but also because some of these things are gorgeous items that deserve more attention (especially the Dooney purses).  I may also do some other Disney World posts, maybe talk about MNSSHP or some dining reviews but we’ll see how that goes.


From left to right,

  • Dooney & Bourke: Star Wars TFA, Disney Princess, Castle Mickey & Minnie
  • Alex and Ani: EPCOT
  • Minnie’s Kitchen Sprinkles
  • Three Caballeros Shirt
  • Starbucks Tumbler used as an autograph collector
  • Main Street Caramel Popcorn

Now let’s talk about some of these…

Dooney & Bourke Star Wars The Force Awakens Satchel (also available as a tote and crossbody)


I love this purse SO much! I was completely, absolutely determined to buy this Disney D&B pattern but I struggled with my choice of purse. I was torn between the satchel and the tote. My beautiful friend Kaela and I always have this virtual “pile” strategy to shop. Which is to say, we put stuff in our pile and keep it there for a while, once something has been on your pile you really know whether or not you actually want it. Sometimes that  time is however long it takes us to walk the store, sometimes it’s a few days but in the case of this pattern? OMG I had it in my pile for months! So I knew one of them was coming home with me.


I ultimately decided on the satchel for a variety of reasons. #1, because I tend to put a lot of stuff in my purses. So really, the less room I have to do that, the less my arm will end up hurting if I carry it for like 12 hours one day. B, because I have a briefcase that I carry my laptop in, so even when I have to carry my laptop around, I don’t need a whole lot of space and really, having a separate bag that is smaller makes my space usage much more efficient. And third, because while the satchel shape of this and the Princess bag is the same, they’re both different from my other Disney Dooney satchel, so I liked the different shapes.


Looking closely on the bag, I couldn’t be happier with the placement! I opted for one where you can barely see Kylo Ren on the front, my homegirl Rey is front and center (as she should!), my fav BB-8 is right next to the Dooney logo, and the smaller symbols through the pattern placement don’t take away from the main characters. I feel like so much of the beauty of a Disney Dooney lies in the placement of the pattern, that this to me is super important.

All my Dooneys have the same interior distribution, and this one comes in a beautiful matte light green lining. It’s the same fabric as my Disneyana one and it’s quite beautiful and resistant. All the accents are in a brown and light blue leather and it comes with a long strap for wearing (which I honestly never use).

Dooney & Bourke Disney Princesses Satchel (Also available in tote, crossbody and wallet. The crossbody also comes in a gorgeous pink and lilac pattern with beige accents that is to die for!)


Believe it or not, I hesitated to buy this.

In hindsight that seems ridiculous, but at the time, I really did! I was torn between this and the black sketch Minnie and Mickey one. I’ve always loved the princess pattern though. It comes with most of my essential favs, it has a dark color that makes it super versatile and it’s become one of the Dooney classic patterns.

What really sold me on it though, omg it was the LINING!



Yeah, once I opened it and Kaela told me, “It’s pink!” I was like ok we’re taking this. The lining for this one is a satin type of fabric that feels really luxurious. And I can’t help but feel like I have this beautiful, fashionable secret inside my purse with this lining.


As for the pattern, my fav Snow White is very centered, with other favs like Rapunzel and Ariel close by. The most essential thing about this pattern to me, is that no princesses have their heads chopped off, that just looks tragic. I’m quite happy with the placement here.

Dooney & Bourke Castle Minnie & Mickey Tote (only available in tote)


This one is really an indulgence.

You see the main reason I adore this Dooney artwork is because it reminds me of the Mickey short Croissant de Triomphe!

Although it is not the same theme, I just love the art and the narrative of the short and it matches up so lovely to this artwork. I’ve been interested since it came out but held back a lot because of the fact that it’s only available as a tote. Ultimately, given that I got 2 satchels, I felt like it was okay to grab a tote.

I appreciate the fact that the Dooney & Bourke stamp is not on the purse itself because it maintains the beautiful artwork intact.


The lining here is a light, beautiful blue. It has the same distribution inside despite the fact that it’s bigger which is a great feature. A purse can never have too many pockets, especially when it’s big. I’ve found that on the occasion that I don’t need to take my laptop and all its accessories, it fills in well to just put my laptop in. And since it’s worn higher up on the arm, it’s not much of a pain if it’s quite loaded.

I have to admit though, that I’m not as addicted to this one as I am to the other 2.

Moving on from the bags,

Alex & Ani EPCOT and Whistle While You Work

My Alex & Ani stack increased times 3 this trip. Not pictured here is the beautiful Disneyland Forever one my lovely friend Kaela brought me as a present from her Disneyland trip.


I really wanted Epcot, I was so determined to get it that I bought it my first night there. I have this really long, romantic love story with Epcot. I’m completely obsessed with Epcot and in hindsight, I’m not even sure how come it wasn’t the first bracelet I bought. But ok, so I made good to my bae Epcot and I got this.

Whistle While You Work on the other hand, I really hesitated on buying. Mostly because I already own a Snow White bracelet, but also because if they ever put Snow White on the A&A Words are Powerful collection with some unrelated phrase, I’d get it. But in the end I decided to, because I feel that any workaholic that’s obsessed with her job should have this.

Disney Starbucks Tumbler

The other item I wanted to talk a little more about is the Disney Starbucks tumbler that I used for autograph collecting.

I’ve long been a fan of collecting autographs in ways that are different from the old autograph book. And I mean, meeting characters at Disney can get boring and repetitive if you do it without any special ideas or quest. So I like to set myself these challenges where I decide I get autographs on something special that I can use or display nicely. It helps that the Disney Starbucks gear is already so stunning. Back in February I did a Disney Starbucks ceramic mug.


But there were 2 flaws in my mug. One is that I don’t always drink my coffee hot, and the other that it’s not very big so it’s not useful for drinking water at my desk all day.

And so I went in for a tumbler this time. I used Oil Based Sharpies which are the ones I used on the mug too. Afterwards, I covered it in 3 coats of Dishwasher Modge Podge. I will admit that my Modge Podge skills are severely lacking and it would’ve looked better under more expert hands but I was too inexperienced with Modge Podge honestly but oh well.


It’s a huge hit when I take it to Starbucks.


The other super special thing I got was a Three Caballeros shirt that I’ve wanted for a long time. It’s unfortunately made “unisex” (which really means, for men), so I’ll have to make some quick sewing tricks on it to get to be more wearable but that’s super easy, I’ll just have to take some time to get it done.

And that’s my haul! I don’t buy a lot but I buy pieces I really care about and that are super meaningful to me. I have lovely memories around my Disney memorabilia and they make super fun accessories.

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