About me

Hi, I’m Ana


I’m in my early 30’s, I work in a financial institution that’s in the Fortune 500 and like many other women my age, I’m climbing the corporate ladder. I’m blogging about my life in my company, my personal style, and stuff I like. The first time I tried to blog here, I thought I’d take this really self absorbed, obnoxious approach and have all the answers but lol who does?

I love my job.

I can’t tell if I love my job because I’m good at it, or I’m good at it because I love it. But either way, I deeply enjoy the work that I do, what my company does, and the many ways in which working for such a company offers possibilities for growth, for development and for further education.

I’m not afraid to take ownership, to add up to my list of responsibilities, to accept new challenges. I’m smart, I’m inspired and I’m a good leader. I’m interested in politics and corporate culture in general.

I also love clothes. And make up, shoes, bags, jewelry, nail polish, pink things, sparkles, Disney films, sewing, cooking and baking.

I don’t care if those things are some sort of cognitive dissonance, I’m making it work.

Having it all is hard, yo.